What Workout Starts with T So I Can Post it on Tuesday?



Runners and coaches almost always plan training using a weekly structure, but that’s only because that’s the arbitrary format humans use to schedule their lives. Whether because of racing schedules, habits, or even the influence of other runners’ social media posts, runners and coaches often get caught up in patterns.

Just because there are 7 days in a week doesn’t mean you need to plan your training that way, repeating the same type of workout every 7 days. What a coincidence it would be if human biological adaptation occurred in a 7-day pattern, in sync with the weekly calendar. Don’t always think week-by-week; instead, plan the training according to how you feel and adapt to the work. Perhaps repeat each workout or long run every 8 or 9 days. Perhaps don’t even think about time and repeat a daily pattern of easy, medium, hard, rest, or easy, medium, easy, hard, rest. Just don’t let the calendar always dictate the training plan.

Like Taco Tuesday, sharing Track Tuesday or Tempo Thursday on Instagram has become a thing. But, social media (or the workout and day of the week starting with the same letter of the alphabet) shouldn’t influence your training decisions. It’s okay if you do a track workout on Monday this week and Friday next week; it’s the timing of the workouts that matter.

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