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“What do you think about this workout two weeks before the marathon?” she asked me, showing me her workout.

I often get asked about workouts. Runners always want to know what workout they should do on Tuesday.

Training is not like cooking, simply mixing ingredients together in a skillet and adding a little salt and pepper. Every week and every month of training should build on what came before it, applying the precise amount of stress in a systematic way and transitioning from one type of training to another seamlessly.

The secret of training—listen closely, because this is what you came for—is how your aerobic and anaerobic fitness are developed and in the prescribed combination of workouts you do each week. When you do each type of workout matters. It’s not arbitrary.

If you’re ready to run your best in 2020, get a training plan from Run-Fit that includes my polarized training method and revolutionary unlimited reps workouts. There’s 22 years of coaching experience and running science in every training program.

Choose from 12 different training programs (5K to marathon) for beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners and for endurance-type and speed-type runners that highlight runners’ different strengths. All programs include detailed instructions and a complete calendar-style training program.

“What workout you do two weeks before the marathon depends on the purpose of the workout and the week of training, what you have been doing in the weeks and months prior to that workout, and what you will do in the weeks after that workout,” I responded.

Do you get your current training from an expert?

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