Tips for The Spectacled Runner


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I’m lucky that I never have had to wear glasses. Being able to see where you’re going when you run is pretty important. If you wear glasses, that means having to run while wearing them, which can be a bit tricky and even inconvenient.

Treat Your Lenses

No one wants glasses to get foggy. Fogging is caused by the difference in temperature from the air around your glasses and the lenses themselves.

There are a variety of defogging products on the market. The best ones are usually those that have been designed to be used on the inside of motorcycle helmets or safety goggles.

If you don’t want to spend money on defogging products, one trick is to smear shampoo or cleaning fluid on the lenses to prevent them from fogging while you’re running. However, it’s probably best to try this out on an old or spare pair first. Luckily, if you shop online at sites like, you can get new frames and lenses without having to pay much, which means you can afford to try this hack on your old pair without needing to worry.

Choose Appropriate Headgear

Another excellent way to stop problems with your glasses when running is to pick the right headgear to wear along with them. Baseball caps are incredibly useful, because they both shield your eyes from the glare of the sun and provide protection from rain on your lenses. You can even get some rain-resistant sports caps that will keep your head and your glasses dry.

If you tend to get hot, a cap could mean that the extra heat generated from your head fogs up your glasses. Some runners choose to use visors instead of caps so the crown of your head is uncovered to dissipate excess heat, but your eyes and glasses are protected from the rain and sun.

Consider Contacts

Instead of wearng glasses when you run, you can wear contact lenses. Of course, the prime concern with contacts is avoiding infection when you put them in and take them out, something you may not always have control over during a race. According to, if you get an infection in your eye from wearing contacts, it can be hazardous to your eye health. To avoid this problem, you can use disposable contacts and throw them out after your race.

Laser Eye Surgery

Lastly, another option for the bespectacled runner to consider is laser eye surgery, during which a precision laser is used to reshape the cornea. Laser eye surgery can help rectify minor problems, such as short-sightedness, making running and other physical activities much more manageable.

This option is a somewhat more painful choice in the short term, both to your eyes and to your wallet. However, recovery time for laser eye surgery is quick. After a few days, you can expect your sight to be significantly better, and you won’t need to wear glasses when running… or at any other time.



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