Miles, Metabolism, and Curveballs

As you probably know, I have been deeply interested in the science of athletic performance ever since I was a kid. One of the first scientific questions I had at a young age was how a baseball pitcher throws a curveball. It’s so cool how pitchers exploit the physics of aerodynamics to make the ball […]

Bows and Arrows, Baby Stroller, and Potential Energy

When they are in their equilibrium position, a bow and arrow have no energy stored. But when the bow’s position is altered from its equilibrium position, the bow stores energy. This stored energy by virtue of changing its position is called potential energy. When the arrow is released from the bow, that potential energy is […]

Track Races and Finding My Inner Sprinter

I ran in the Summer Nights Track & Field Series last night in San Diego. 1,500 meters. Came through 800 meters in 2:36, only 1 second shy of my plan. Wanted sub 5 minutes. Finished in 4:58.66. These 43-year-old legs ain’t got the speed they used to have, but I executed the way I wanted […]

Runner Legs, Mitochondria, and Your Mommy’s DNA

Running is all about your legs. When you run, many enzymes are busy at work in your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and other muscles, catalyzing numerous chemical reactions to break down carbohydrates and fat for fuel, including the one that breaks the strong bonds of ATP molecules we learned about in high school biology class to […]

Clean Eating, Talent, and Overactive Livers

I hear a lot in the fitness industry about the importance of clean eating. Indeed, most fitness professionals quote that looking good is 80% nutrition and 20% training. I don’t know how or where personal trainers get those numbers, but it’s not true. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get my legs and ass from eating […]

Lessons from Running in the Middle of the Pack

Today I ran a half-marathon in the middle of the pack, as I sometimes do, as an easy long run. I don’t often like running long by myself, so jumping in a local half-marathon gives me a chance to run long with others. Shortly after starting, I saw two guys holding up a sign for […]

How Interval Training Started

There has been a lot of commotion lately about interval training. Once the training secret of the world’s best runners, interval training has become the new buzz term in the fitness industry. It seems as if everyone is doing it, from competitive athletes to grandma next door. Interval training originated in the 1930s by coach […]
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