"There are emotional effects of exercise and sex that few other experiences grant us. When we have sex and when we exercise, we show our partner and ourselves who we are."  – DR. JASON KARP, Sexercise

Sex and exercise are the best physical expressions of who we are, arising from the same primal source. The two activities are deeply imbedded in our evolutionary history, and are so important that a lack of either hurts our physical health. Through sex and exercise, we fulfill our destiny as physical beings.

Using the latest sexology research, Sexercise stimulates your mind by exploring the intimate relationship between sex and exercise and stimulates your body with exercises and workouts for better sex, accompanied by photographs and detailed descriptions of sex positions that will test your fitness. It also answers all the exercise- and sex-related questions you’re too shy to ask.

Paperback: 150 pages, with color photos
ISBN: 978-1098303556

Price: $28.95

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