RUNTALK with Dr. Jason Karp

Episode 1: VO₂max 

Episode 2: Interval Training
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Episode 3: Marathon Training 

Episode 4: The Blood 

Episode 5: Running Economy 

Episode 6: Strength Training for Runners 

Episode 7: Running Injuries 

Episode 8: Lactate Threshold 

Episode 9: Running Technique 

Episode 10: Women's Training & Menstrual Cycle 

Episode 11: Breathing & Running 

Episode 12: Workout Speeds 

Episode 13: Polarized Training 

Episode 14: Causes of Fatigue in Different Races and How to Combat Them

Episode 15: Recovery Strategies 

Episode 16: Muscle Fibers 

Episode 17: How to Do Interval Workouts Properly

Episode 18: Running Myths, Misconceptions, & Misinformation 

Episode 19: Volume of Training 

Episode 20: Models of Periodization and Training Program Design

Episode 21: Training with Confusion vs. Habituation

Episode 22: Alternative Approach to Marathon Training 

Episode 23: Low Glycogen Training

Episode 24: Running & Weight Loss

Episode 25: How to Plan Your Training 

Episode 26: Time vs. Distance
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