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Some purists prefer not to use technology to enhance their running performance. These runners prefer to train the old way by organically monitoring their performance in training and building up to a race. Using apps, calculators, and other technology can improve your performance and confidence on race day.  

Race-Time Predictor

A race-time predictor can be found online or in the form of an app that you can use in the gym or outside. Input the data from one of your recent race performances, and the race time predictor will show you a likely time you might achieve in equivalent races. You can change the variables of the prediction, such as distance and terrain, to get a more accurate reading. The data you receive from a race time predictor can help you to optimize your training schedule for best results. 

Age-Grade Calculator

Age-grade calculators have several useful applications for runners who are training for big events. It provides a way of measuring and comparing the performance of an individual runner with people of different ages and sex, as well as with previous individual performances. For instance, using an age-grade calculator, the performance of a 42-year-old female in a marathon can be compared with the performance of a 15-year-old male in a 5K. 

Training Apps

Small devices linked to apps are an excellent way to monitor and optimize your training. A strength training app like Vmaxpro VBT Tracker is one example of such a device. It offers Velocity Based Training that can monitor speed and capture motion in three dimensions. It has an accelerometer that delivers key metrics, such as power, velocity, distance, and duration. As well as being high-tech, it’s also portable and durable. 


Using the best tech available to improve the performance of your running is well and good, but if you don’t also have the basics right, such as footwear and wearables, your efforts with the tech may be inefficient. Identify a pair of running shoes that work for you. This can take a bit of time, as well as trial and error, so when you find the right kind, buy a few pairs. Running socks can also make a big difference to your comfort.

Pace Calculator

A pace calculator is an invaluable tool for running that can be used by both new and expert runners to optimize performance. In short, it monitors your pace and helps you to gauge your distance-to-energy ratio. When training, the pace calculator will assist you to find the pace you need to build up for the race.

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