Running in the Rain



Do you like to run in the rain? Here are 5 tips for running in wet weather:

Get the right shoes

When running in wet weather, wear waterproof shoes that will enhance your performance in the rain. Most popular brands release new waterproof versions of their shoes in preparation for the fall and winter, so be on the lookout for new designs.

Don’t forget your socks

For all runners, it’s vital to take care of your feet. While you might have a perfect pair of waterproof shoes, your socks are also important. Invest in a pair of the best waterproof running socks. These will further protect you from the wet weather, especially if any rain enters your shoes. Your feet will definitely thank you for it.

Prevent chafing

Wet weather can make chafing worse. Use anti-chafe gel or Vaseline in areas that are prone to chafing. Your clothes will inevitably get wet, but it’s important to change into something dry as soon as you get home. You could even put some crumpled newspaper in your running shoes. It’s very important to thoroughly dry your clothes and shoes after you’ve finished running. Here are some other tips to stop chafing.

Clean your running shoes

Your running shoes will get muddy as well, even if you run in the street. The wet weather will often result in a messier run, but as long as you clean your shoes properly afterward, there’s no reason to let this put you off. It’s important to know how to clean your running shoes. You can use regular laundry detergent to clean them. Soak them in warm water and detergent first, then scrub them with a light brush.

Avoid thunderstorms

Thunderstorms are definitely not the ideal weather for running. If the rain is too heavy, this could be dangerous due to lack of visibility, slipping, and perhaps strong winds. The wind will make you much colder and be more dangerous. Runners run in all kinds of weather, so if you go out in a thunderstorm, remember to run faster than the lightning.

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