May 2, 2007


Los Alamos, NM – Gabriela Hnilkova-Jenks, a professional triathlete and middle school teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico, crushed the field by nine minutes to win the Atomic Man Duathlon on April 29th in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  The race, held at a breath-taking altitude of 7,300 feet in the town known for its atomic bombs that ended World War II and its high security national defense research, consisted of a 10-kilometer run, 40-kilometer bike, and a 5-kilometer run.  Her time was 2:22:46.

I had a good race today—good weather but hard conditions,” said Gabriela.  “I was breathing very hard throughout the entire race.”   

“Gabi trains in Albuquerque, at 5,000 feet, so racing at 7,300 feet is a real challenge,” said Coach Jason Karp.  “But she’s a tough competitor, and that toughness paid off.”

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