Keeping Fit With a Hobby


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Everyone knows that I run… a lot. It seems like that’s all I ever do. My brother often tells me to get a hobby.

Hobbies are a great way to boost your happiness levels. And if you combine a fun hobby with something that keeps you active, you will have the perfect combination for increasing happiness and fitness.

Here are a few suggestions that can bring you some happiness and some fun activities in your life.

Martial Arts

One of the most fun ways to see a considerable increase in your activity levels is to take a martial arts class. There is such a wide range and something for everyone. From Jiu Jitsu to kickboxing, they all have starter classes and taster classes. You can take your children or your best friend so that you have some support while you get started.

After a few sessions, you are likely to be hooked on the endorphins you get and, after a few months, you might find that you’re at a competition and belt level.


Biking holidays are increasing in popularity. Although you may not have have been on a bike for years, you can still really enjoy a long bike ride. Start by going for a leisurely ride along the water’s edge or go to a more adventurous mountain biking area. Biking is great to do as a family or to do alone. And you might be surprised at just how far you can bike in a short time.


Gardening is a relatively low-key active hobby. Mapping out where your plants and veggies will go, moving walls, digging dirt, and pulling weeds all give you something to do, as well as building your fitness in a calming way. Gardeners engage in 30% more exercise than non-gardeners, so if there was ever a reason to get a packet of seeds out, that’s it.


Almost all cities have maps of great hiking trails. You can also join hiking clubs or walking groups. There are also numerous online or mobile phone app challenges that can track your progress. At first, you might not want to go on very long hikes, instead building your stamina by taking longer walks regularly.

Hobbies that get you moving are more than just a good thing. They can help expand your social circles and skill sets. As your fitness increases, you might be surprised at just how far you can go.

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