Confusion vs. Habituation

  If you ever were taught how to play an instrument, did you learn how to play simple pieces before learning more complex pieces? Did your music teacher constantly change the piece and complexity of the music that you practiced, or did he or she have you practice the same piece of music until you […]

Tips for The Spectacled Runner

  Picture found at Pixabay – License CC0 I’m lucky that I never have had to wear glasses. Being able to see where you’re going when you run is pretty important. If you wear glasses, that means having to run while wearing them, which can be a bit tricky and even inconvenient. Treat Your Lenses […]

Break Through Strength Training Plateaus

  Source: Pexels (CC0 License) Variation is an important concept in exercise and fitness. Plenty of research has demonstrated that exercise programs with variation produce better results than those with no variation. When you vary the duration, volume, and intensity of your training, your body never has a chance to become efficient; it is always […]

Keeping Fit With a Hobby

  Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash Everyone knows that I run… a lot. It seems like that’s all I ever do. My brother often tells me to get a hobby. Hobbies are a great way to boost your happiness levels. And if you combine a fun hobby with something that keeps you active, you will […]

The Habits of Successful Weight Losers

                   Adapted from Lose It Forever: The 6 Habits of Successful Weight Losers from the National Weight Control Registry by Jason R. Karp, PhD In a national television interview with Barbara Walters in 2014, Oprah Winfrey confessed that not being able to maintain her weight loss was her biggest regret. In that interview, […]

Recovery Time

  (Unsplash CC0) An important component of the training program is recovery, perhaps even more important than the training itself since all the adaptations that a runner is striving to accomplish occur during the recovery period between runs, not during the runs themselves. Positive physiological adaptations to training occur when there is a correctly timed […]

Running in the Rain

  pixabay Do you like to run in the rain? Here are 5 tips for running in wet weather: Get the right shoes When running in wet weather, wear waterproof shoes that will enhance your performance in the rain. Most popular brands release new waterproof versions of their shoes in preparation for the fall and […]

Exercise Trends

  We’re two-thirds of the way through 2020, and what a year it has been! We’ve been devastated by a pandemic and shocked by environmental disasters. But lockdown hasn’t been all bad; we’ve had more time at home with family, we’ve gotten to know our neighbors better, and we’ve had more time to focus on […]

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