Break Through Strength Training Plateaus


Source: Pexels (CC0 License)

Variation is an important concept in exercise and fitness. Plenty of research has demonstrated that exercise programs with variation produce better results than those with no variation. When you vary the duration, volume, and intensity of your training, your body never has a chance to become efficient; it is always being challenged, always being forced to adapt. The trick to variation is knowing how and when to use it, because variation must be balanced with mastery of the skill. On one hand, you must repeat the same workout a number of times to master the volume and intensity so you can move forward with your training program, while on the other hand, you must vary your workouts often enough to improve your fitness.  

You’d be surprised at how fast your muscle group will adapt to a particular exercise. The intensity of the exercise can help you to overcome plateaus, but if you vary your exercise as well then you will soon find that this is even more important. Studies have shown that doing 12 weeks of varied exercises is more effective at building muscle when compared to doing the same routine.

To vary your strength workouts, you can easily find workout equipment online that you can use in your own home. Use different equipment to change the order of exercises. Doing the same exercises in the same order every time can lead to stagnation.

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