Dr. Jason’s Success Principles

  I get asked all the time about how I got started in my business and grew my career. If you come a little closer and bring the screen close to your face (with or without a mask), I’ll tell you my secret. Ready? Vision. Relentless persistence. Not knowing any other path. Vision: I knew […]


  Let’s talk about enzymes! I love enzymes! Enzymes speed up chemical reactions. What that means is that they make you run faster (although I skipped over a lot of steps!). In the absence of enzymes, chemical reactions wouldn’t occur quickly enough to generate the energy you need to run. Enzymes have funny names, like […]


    Do you do everything you should to recover between workouts? Recovery is perhaps even more important than the training itself since the adaptations to training occur during the recovery period between runs, not during the runs themselves. Guidelines for recovery: NUTRITION Consume carbohydrate to resynthesize and store glycogen in muscles and liver. To […]

Why We Run

  “If you were to ask a zoologist why we run, he or she might say we run because we are animals, and that’s what animals evolved to do. Running is essential to an animal’s life. Animals run to hunt; they run because they’re being hunted; they run to play; they run out of panic; […]


  We usually talk of energy in vague terms. “I don’t have a lot of energy today,” or “You can feel the energy in the room.” But what really is energy? Where do we get the energy to move? How do we use it? How do we get more of it? Ultimately, what controls our […]

Training Plan

    “What do you think about this workout two weeks before the marathon?” she asked me, showing me her workout. I often get asked about workouts. Runners always want to know what workout they should do on Tuesday. Training is not like cooking, simply mixing ingredients together in a skillet and adding a little […]


  RUNNING SPEED = STRIDE RATE X STRIDE LENGTH To get faster, one or both components of the stride must increase. However, because stride rate and stride length are inversely proportional (as one increases, the other decreases), running speed can only increase if an increase in stride length is not accompanied by a similar decrease […]


  How do you decide paces for workouts? Although it’s convenient to use workout pace tables, you need to understand what’s behind the numbers before blindly following what they say. For example, the VDOT tables of Jack Daniels and his former athlete and computer programmer Jimmy Gilbert are popular among coaches and runners. Those numbers […]


  Workout Sunday: 800-meter reps at lactate threshold pace with 45 seconds rest between reps. With the World Masters Track and Field Championships 10 months away, I’m continuing with “Project High School” (my attempt to approach my high school track times) as my Achilles tendon heals and working on my aerobic strength before doing the […]

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